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Whistled the hole

in Jesus' palm

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Wind swings through my hair and whispers its story

I danced on the bodies of Job’s children

I whistled the hole in Jesus’ palm

I kissed the praying lips of Teresa of Ávila

Oh, wind

before you continue your eternal exile

tell me: Where have you come from?

Expelled from Eden

I am the howl of

Adam and Eve

Banquet on the Sea

Mermaids holding candles rise from the depths

their vestal bodies covered by flaming white shells

Moonlight bakes the leviathan

Salty water washes away sin

Mermaids slice the dead beauty with shells

gorge on the innocent meat

Candles are incarnadined by splashes

Lightning tears apart the sky

The Messiah lands on that giant skeleton

a throne for the king of kings

Mermaids float in waves with bloody delicacies

spreading over their lily breasts

The candlelight on their foreheads guides the righteous

to join the sacred dinner

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